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This support page is designed to provide help topics specifically related to the MUS Mail feature and Attachmore. Both Min-U-Script and Attachmore maintain general support web pages that provide general help and support topics.

To get general help and support for Min-U-Script software visit here.

To get general help and support for Attachmore visit here or use the Contact Us or Chat Now buttons in the above header

MUS Mail and Attachmore FAQs
My recipients can’t download the files I send.
Many time when we hear this question, the recipient is unable to reach the download page after clicking the download link you provided . This is usually due to a firewall at their company or on their computer. The recipient will need ask their IT manager or adjust the firewall software on their computer to “Allow” as an accessible website.

Once the recipient can view the download web page they should be able to download the software no problem.