Plans and Pricing

MUS MAIL is a service you subscribe to with Attachmore. Below is our special plans and pricing for Min-U-Script 4.0 users.

All Attachmore accounts, including the free trial account, are full featured. In addition Min-U-Script 4.0 integration and sending and sharing your large files, you can:

  • Setup sub-users
  • Use download security settings (passwords or email requirements)
  • Receive download notifications.
  • You can even brand or personalize your download page
Attachmore MUS Mail
Attachmore pricing is based on the amount of data you upload a month. Each upload file can be downloaded 1000 times and are hosted for 180 days. You can customize these settings for your account or each individual file.

Also, you can setup sub-users or install the software on other computers in your organization. Choose a plan that best meets your needs.
Service Level Monthly Annual Sub Users
Free Free 3
$4.95 $49.95 3
$7.95 $79.95 5
$12.95 $149.95 10
$19.95 $199.95 20
$29.95 $299.95 30
How do I buy MUS Mail powered by Attachmore.
There are two ways to register for a MUS Mail account powered by Attachmore.
You can sign up for your MUS Mail Attachmore account by clicking the get started button below. When you install the Min-U-Script 4.0 software and click the MUS Mail button you will be prompted to enter the email address and password your use when you register here. On the main Min-U-Script 4.0 click the MUS Mail button. This will install the Attachmore software and register you for the Free 1GB 60 Day trial.