Version 4.0

Min-U-Script Pro 4.0 introduces a great new feature. MUS Mail. Now you can send and share your Min-U-Script files and exhibits without the hassles and pitfalls associated with emailing attachments.

Your Min-u-Script files can easily exceed the attachment limitations of most email systems. MUS Mail enables you to bypass attachment limitations and email your files directly from the Min-U-Script software.

  • Upload and Email your transcripts from the Min-U-Script software. No extra steps, no extra software or websites. Super Simple.
  • Email and send your transcripts through Outlook, Gmail, AOL or any of your favorite email programs or social networking sites.
  • Extended your company or personal brand each time you send. Attachmore download pages can be branded to carry your company identity.
  • Use Attachmore for all your file delivery needs. Works independent of Min-U-Script. Support your whole office with one account.

Watch our quick video or take the below tour to learn about MUS Mail.

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In Min-U-Script version 4.0 the MUS Mail button is available on the main screen. Clicking it bundles the current transcript and its related files and exhibits. It seamlessly initiates an upload to your Attachmore account.
MUS Mail Button Upload and Send Retrieve
In Min-U-Script 4.0 click the MUS Mail button and the current transcripts and related files and exhibits begin uploading to your Attachmore account.
Upload and Send
The upload monitor displays upload process and presents the download link that you can copy or email.
Your recipients click the download link to visit your branded download page to retrieve the file.
Attachmore works with your communication tools. When you upload files using the Attachmore software or the Web Send process you can click email link and select your communication tool. Attachmore will automatically open a new email message and place the download link into the body of the message.

Click the Email Link button below, choose your communication tool and see an example of how it works.
Upload Complete

IMG_4849.JPG uploaded successfully.
Standard Link | Extended Link
Need to send folders? Install the Attachmore Software.

Send your links through these popular email applications and social networks..
Personalize or Brand your file communications
Your recipients retrieve your sent files from a download page. You can easily personalize or brand these download pages. A web based wizard allows you to upload pictures, edit page colorations, link to your social networking pages and more.
Standard Download Page
Your recipients will retrieve your sent files from our standard download page. We like the Attachmore branded download page, but you may want something different.
Your Business Page
Brand the download page for your business. Keep your file communications professional and your company’s brand front and center.
Cool Link Features
With each Attachmore download link you can customize how long its available, require a password or specific email address to download, or receive notification (text or emails) when recipients download from your link.

We make customizing your links features simple and easily accessible in the upload monitor of web send or the Attachmore software. You manage this settings while the file is uploading or anytime after the upload is complete.

Click the drop downs on the image below to see how you can customize these settings.

Attachmore Upload Monitor Attachmore Upload Monitor Attachmore Upload Monitor Attachmore Upload Monitor Attachmore Upload Monitor
Sub Users
Sub-User Accounts An Attachmore account is the gift that keeps on giving. You can give your friends, family or associates the ability to transfer their large files through your account. Sub-users of your account can use Attachmore Web Send, Attachmore software and even have their own personalized download page.
Download Notifications
Download Notifications Your Attachmore account can notify you when your items are downloaded. Set up Download Notifications to receive an email or text message announcement. And stay “in the know” about your sent items.
Guest Links
Invite a Guest Create single use invitations that allow a guest to upload an item to your account. You will receive notification when a guest uploads.
Secure Downloads
Email / Password Protection Protect the items available for download in your account by requiring an email address (specific or not) or a password. This way only you and the recipient have access to the item.